Argentina Economy

Argentina is one of the most famous Latin American countries and an all time favorite team in the field of football.Strength of the Argentina Economy is commendable .It has been recorded that a quarter of the domestic population of Argentina lives under the poverty line.
The unemployment rate in the country is considerably higher than the five percent mark and is currently hovering just below the nine percent level. The rate of growth of the Argentina economy is well above the eight percent level but a large chunk of this success story is being eaten by the sky-rocketing rate of inflation which has been calculated to be on the threshold of the 10 % mark.

Argentina shows all the traits of a developing country which is evident from the growth rate of the different sectors of the economy. From the sectoral stratification of the Argentine Economy it can be observed that the rate of growth of the services sector has recorded highest rise by more than fifty percent followed by the industrial sector with around forty percent.

Argentina Economic Performance GDP Inflation Graph 1980-2013

The slowest growth rate can be observed in the agricultural sector with a mere ten percent.
This trend shows that Argentina is on the course of economic development where the contribution of the agricultural sector to the national income has fallen drastically but the contribution of the industrial as well as the services sector has increased significantly.

Knowledge on Argentina would remain incomplete if one does not get information on Argentina. For knowing about the financial system of Argentina, one must have significant knowledge on the monetary system and Argentina currency. The informations on the developments and trends in the Real Estate sector of the country also becomes important.

Argentina Economic Performance 1980-2013

Year GDP % Change Year GDP % Change
1980 4.15 1997 8.11
1981 -5.69 1998 3.85
1982 -4.96 1999 -3.39
1983 3.88 2000 -0.79
1984 2.21 2001 -4.41
1985 -7.59 2002 -10.89
1986 7.88 2003 8.84
1987 2.91 2004 9.03
1988 -2.56 2005 9.20
1989 -7.50 2006 8.36
1990 -2.40 2007 8.00
1991 12.67 2008 3.10
1992 11.94 2009 0.05
1993 5.91 2010 9.14
1994 5.84 2011 8.55
1995 -2.85 2012 0.95
1996 5.53 2013 2.93

Source: World Bank

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