Bank Netherlands

Bank Netherlands, the financial institution is established to provide financial services like loans, mortgage, savings, checking accounts etc. Some other essential services provided by banks in Netherlands are virtual banking service, commercial and private banking service.

Leading banks in Netherlands and their financial activities
Some of the leading banks in Netherlands are Bank of Holland, Rabobank, ABN-AMRO Bank, ING Bank, ASN Bank, Bank Nederlandse Gemeenten, Bank Insinger de Beaufort, Bank Mendes Gans, Bank Nederlandse Gemeenten, DSB Bank, Fortis Bank, Friesland Bank, ING Groep NV, Levob Bank & Verzekeringen, MeesPierson Private Bank & Trust, Rabobank, NIB Capital, SNS Bank, Regio Bank, TriodosBank, Utrecht Hypotheekbank etc.

Almost all the major banks in Netherlands provide some beneficial facilities like asset management, trust and fiduciary services, securities trading, treasury services, international cash and information management for multinational organizations etc.
The Bank Netherlands provides indispensable banking services like insurance and asset management in 65 countries throughout the world and the bank like NIB Capital Investment bank offers some special services for the small and medium sized enterprises and institutional investors.

Netherlands IBRD
Netherlands is the founding member of IBRD(International Bank for Reconstruction and Development) and the executive board comprise of nine other countries including Netherlands.
Banking operations
All major banking operations, whether it is private or commercial, enable customers to meet their financial needs.

Some of the common banking operations, provided by these banks are:
Withdrawal facility:
This facility enables customers to keep their money safe and also allow them to withdraw their money when needed.
Checkbooks facility:
This facility allows customers to pay their bills or any kind of payments through checkbooks.
Credit Card facility:
This special facility allow customers to make financial transactions at branches or through Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs)
Virtual banking facility:
This is a special kind of service, through which customers will be able to make their banking transactions from home. Virtual banking is also called Internet banking. In virtual banking persons do not need to physically attend the branches of the banks.

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