Rwanda Economy

The rural economy of Rwanda thrives mainly on diverse agro-based activities and on foreign trade as well. In fact, the economy of Rwanda revived itself rapidly through determination of the population as well as immense foreign financial assistances.
Agriculture is the primary occupation of the population in Rwanda, contributing around 41% to the country’s GDP. Though the agricultural productivities suffered tremendous setbacks, owing to severe famines of 1928-29 and 1943-44, the country is trying hard to recover from the devastations of such natural calamities.

In fact, earnest efforts on government levels have improved the situation to considerable extents through introduction of new methods of cultivation by Chinese and Taiwanese agronomists. Moreover, the varied agricultural outputs account for a major part of the Rwandan exports.

As far as the industrial sector of Rwanda is concerned, the maximum GDP contribution, around 10%, comes from Rwanda’s manufacturing units. This sector specializes in production and processing of artisan goods and handicraft items like potteries, baskets, etc.
The light industries in Rwanda are in the production of metal works, beverages, wine, sugar, tea, coffee, beer, flour and cigars. Other industries include footwear, tiles, bricks, tiles, insecticides, soap, automobile, match, medicines, paints, refineries and furniture.

International trade of Rwanda is responsible for generating foreign revenue in the country. During 1996 and 1999, the export activities of the country increased by 424% and the imports by a small margin of 25%, though in terms of value, imports are more than 4 times the total exports. Coffee and tea are the primary export items, accounting for 56% and 27% of the total export figures respectively. Other exports include gold (17%) and hides and skins of animal (0.9%). While Kenya act as the principal export market and one of the importers of Rwanda, Belgium and Japan form the main import suppliers of Rwanda.

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