Individual Private Investors

The individual private investors are also known as angel investors. These investors provide a big portion of the business capital for the home based businesses. A part of these investments are also made in several other firms. These investments are made for short periods of time.
In the recent years, the stock market boom has fueled the individual private investments also. At present, the individual private investors are investing in huge amounts in the home based businesses with huge growth potentials. In this way, the angel investors are promoting the home based businesses and speeding up their development. At the same time, a number of big and established companies are also getting these investments.
There are a number of home based businessmen who wants to develop quickly and also to expand their business as much as possible. For the purpose, any size of home based businesses can try and attract the angel investors.
Normally these investors can invest $50,000 or even more in the businesses. At the same time, there are a number of investors who are interested in investing their money in the growing industries only. The individual private investors are very helpful for the businesses. Apart from investing money, the individual investors are also a rich source of new business connections and clients.
At the same time, some of the individual investors also take part in the business activities and play a decisive role in the businesses.
The investments done by the individual private investors are mostly made in the businesses where the products are secured by patents. These investments are taken out from the businesses in a short span of nearly five years. There are different types of individual private investors. Some of these are the following :
Value Added Investors
Unaccredited Private Investor
Barter Investors
Partner Investor
Deep Pocket Investor
Manager Investor
Socially Responsible Private Investors

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