Illinois Venture Capital Association

Illinois Venture Capital Association or IVCA aims at developing the private equity as well as venture capital industry in Illinois. It provides substantial growth opportunities to the small business sector and also increases the investment options in Illinois. It arranges educational programs related to private equity as well.
Illinois Venture Capital Association was established in 2000 as a not-for-profit firm to provide growth opportunity to the private equity and venture capital industry of the state.
The total assets of this industry is more than $75 billion and IVCA aims at channelizing this wealth into the business sector to help in the development of the business sector of Illinois and also increase the assets of the private equity and venture capital industry.
The Illinois Venture Capital Association is involved in arranging huge institutional investment opportunities for the private equity firms of Illinois. At the same time, IVCA is also enhancing the options of business networking for the firms that are based in the Midwest.
It also identifies the businesses with good potentials and provides financial assistance for these businesses and stimulates their growth. The members of Illinois Venture Capital Association are provided with a number of benefits. All the members of the organization are provided with the latest information about the industry.
It also arranges for a wide range of educational programs and other such events to speed up the growth of the members. These programs are conducted by some of the highly experienced professionals of the sector.
The IVCA members are categorized in the following categories:
Investor Member Firms: These firms are involved in almost all the stages of private equity investment.
Service Provider Member Firms: A huge number of highly experienced members are included in this category. These people are involved in the growth process of the private equity firms and venture capital firms.
Honorary Members: These professionals have played a major role in the development of the private equity industry of Illinois. As a result of these services, these people are provided with all the membership benefit of the organization.
Academic Members: A number of universities and reputed laboratories come in this category. All these are related to the development process of the private equity industry.
Contact Details:
Illinois Venture Capital Association
225 W. Wacker Drive, Suite 3000
Chicago, Illinois 60606

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