Indian Venture Capital Association

The Indian Venture Capital Association is operating with the sole purpose of creating proper investment opportunities for the venture capital and private equities firms in India. At the same time, IVCA is also promoting the new businesses by providing them with some much needed financial assistance.
IVCA was founded in 1993 as a representative organization of the venture capital industry of the country. India Venture Capital Association provides the private equity and venture capital firms of India with investment opportunities where the growth prospects are high. The organization also shoulders the responsibility of providing financial assistance to businesses that are in their primary stage and have enough growth potentiality.
IVCA collects and provides industry related information and supporting data for the members, as well as, for other interested individuals.
One of the main motives behind this is to attract outside investors to the Indian market and to encourage the domestic investors to increase their amount of investment in the market. For the purpose, the India Venture Capital Association is working jointly with the government bodies like Securities and Exchange Board of India, Finance Ministry and so on, to modify the tax structure and the regulations related to the Indian venture capital industry.
The organization carries out surveys on the industry and takes part in the surveys with other agencies also.
The main aim of these surveys is to provide a clear view of the existing trends of the market and to form a strategy for the future. At the same time, the firm also provides enough opportunity for professional development to all the members. For the purpose, the members are provided with a number of educational and training programs developed by the organization. At the same time, the collaboration with the European Venture Capital Association is also very helpful to make these programs much more effective. Apart from these, the organization offers the members networking opportunities, valuation guidelines, annual conference to discuss problems and develop new strategies and various industry tools.
Contact Details:
Indian Venture Capital and Private Equity Association
301-302, Delhi Blue Apartments
Main Ring Road, Near Safdarjung Hospital
New Delhi – 110 029, INDIA
Phone: + 91 11 41628566
Fax: + 91 11 41628863/5

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