National Venture Capital Association

National Venture Capital Association or NVCA is the representative organization of all the venture capital firms in the United States of America. The association enhances the opportunities of venture capital in the US. It also helps the emerging business sectors with necessary financial support.

NVCA or National Venture Capital Association is a common platform for all the venture capital firms operating in the United states of America. NVCA has designed a number of programs that can bring the pools of equity capital and investment opportunities together. In this way, the association plays an important role in the development of the venture capital industry. At the same time, new business ideas also get enough financial support from the organization.

In the process of representing the concept of venture capital in the most easiest form, the organization also provides data that exhibits the necessity to promote venture capital industry in the US. On the other hand, NVCA also arranges several meetings that helps the members to interact with each other and to develop certain growth strategies.

The membership of NVCA is subjected to fulfillment of a number of conditions. The membership is provided to the venture capital firms that are involved in making investments in the emerging business. At the same time, the members of National Venture Capital Association need to provide financial assistance only against equities of the particular company. On the other hand, it is necessary for the members to maintain a separate fund of nearly $5 million that would be invested in private equity.

Apart from these conditions, the member firms of National Venture Capital Association also needs to employ a professional for the sole purpose of making investments in the private equity. At the same time, the members need to be involved in the company’s affairs in which they have invested. The members organization should have an office in the country and must be paying taxes according to the US tax laws.

These members are provided with a number of membership benefits by NVCA like Management Liability Insurance Program, networking opportunities, professional development opportunities, technological supports, various partnership opportunities and so on.

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