Yorkshire Association of Business Angels

Yorkshire Association of Business Angels or YABA provides financial assistance for the small businesses of Yorkshire and Humber region and helps in the steady growth of the business. For their excellent services, the organization receives active support of Yorkshire Forward that is a regional development agency operating in Yorkshire and Humber.
The Angels or individual investors have emerged as a major source of financing for the small businesses.
These investors invest in the businesses that have good growth potentiality. In Yorkshire, these investors came together to form an association and to provide their services in an organized manner. In this way, the Yorkshire Association of Business Angels or YABA was founded in 1995 and at present there are nearly 170 members of the association. It is a not – for–profit organization and the charges for their services are very low.
The Yorkshire Association of Business Angels provides a huge growth opportunity for the small business of the region. It is a source of easy finance for the entrepreneurs.
There are a number of businesses that are denied any kind of traditional financing. These businesses are mainly provided with the financial assistance by the association.At the same time the Angels also bring huge experience and new clients with them that helps the businesses to grow rapidly. The meetings of Yorkshire Association of Business Angels are held at regular intervals at different places in and around Yorkshire.
These meetings have been created as platforms for the entrepreneurs where they present their business ideas in front of the investors. These meetings also help in developing the business network for the small businesses. Almost ten percent of the entrepreneurs, taking part in the meetings are provided with the necessary financial support for their businesses.

The business ideas provided by the entrepreneurs are posted on the organization’s website for the members. This is also helpful in attracting the investors and brings investment in the businesses. The investments are mainly done in the retail sector, safety devices producing companies, pharmaceutical companies, film making and a lot more.
Contact Details:
Yorkshire Association of Business Angels
1 Hornbeam House
Hornbeam Park
Hookstone Road
Phone: 01423 810149
Fax: 01423 810086

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