Small Business Investment Corporations

Small business investment corporations are private companies that have partnerships with the federal government. The main function of these companies is to provide easily available funds for the existing businesses that are expanding at a good rate. The small business investment corporations or SBICs have been designed to provide venture capital to the small business that are developing at a good rate.
For the purpose, these companies use the private funds and are supported well by the government funds.
The small business investment corporations or SBICs mainly provide the long term loans with the provision of an extendable loan term. These loans are generally provided for 20 years. The SBICs also offer equity capital to the emerging companies.
Management assistance is also provided by the small business investment corporations and this service is offered to a limited number of clients only. At the same time, the SBICs do not have the authority to dominate any business permanently. In its operational procedures, the SBICs are very close to the venture capital firms.
Anyone with a minimum capital of five million dollars has the option of starting a small business investment corporation. The prospective SBIC-owner may be an individual or an institution but the federal license is a must. These companies have to file annual financial reports and are bound to follow the federal regulations. Some of the major small business investment corporations are as follows:
Allied Business Investors, Inc.
Hickory Venture Capital Corp.
FJC Growth Capital Corp.
Alabama Capital Corp.
BankAmerica Ventures
Small Business Investment Capital, Inc.
Magnet Capital, L.P.
Asian American Capital Corp
Citicorp Venture Capital, Ltd.
AVI Capital, L.P.
Canaan SBIC, L.P.
Allied Capital Financial Corp.
ABN AMRO Capital (USA) Inc.
Ally Finance Corp.
Wells Fargo Capital Company
Aspen Ventures West II, L.P.
Draper Associates, LP
Bay Partners SBIC, L.P.
Bentley Capital

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