Barry Financial

Barry Financial is one of the leading estate tax planning service providers in the United States. The company is famous for their all-inclusive approach towards estate tax planning and personalized services. Barry Financial is headquartered in Florida.

Barry Financial is a reputed estate tax and financial planning services provider based in the United States. The company has been operating in the United States for more than 30 years and has earned a reputation of a market leader in the field of financial planning and wealth management.

Barry Financial Group, Inc. was established in the year 1975 and the founder of the company is James A. Barry, Jr., CFP, who is also the Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Barry Financial has a firm commitment towards formulating effective financial planning for their clients and in doing this, Barry Financial takes into consideration every significant element that is involved in the pursuit of the customer to satisfy his personal and financial objectives.

Barry Financial takes a whole-hearted approach towards estate tax planning and evaluates every matter associated with the real estate planning goals of the customer. The USP of Barry Financial is their customer focus. The issues dealt by Barry Financial include the following:
The application of appropriate trust agreements
Realizing the necessity of estate tax planning
Realizing and trying to make an effort to lessen or avert the impacts of federal estate tax
Selecting a personal representative, fiduciary, or trustee
Comprehending and applying individualized estate tax planning schemes
Designing strategies to reduce the tax liabilities
Tax planning schemes and business succession
Aligning the tax saving plans with the non-tax goals
Offering charitable gifts to trusts and straight out
Considering the necessity of life insurance
Making strategies for feasible retirement objectives
Strategies for disabled persons and particular requirements
Providing protection of assets from probable creditors
Contact details:
Barry Financial Corporate Headquarters
40 S.E. 5th Street, Suite 600
Boca Raton, FL 33432-6090
Phone: 561-368-9120, Ext. 30
Toll Free: 1-800-366-9120, Ext. 30
Fax: 561-395-4855

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