Certification and Recertification in Estate Planning

The Certification and Recertification in Estate Planning is governed by a set of standards. This standard together with regulations governing the State Bar of California schedule for certification of law specialists determines the guidelines of the program. The program is mainly for professionals.
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The Certification and Recertification in Estate Planning is meant mainly for the estate planning sector. The other two closely related subjects are probate law and trust. The wide variety of issues addressed in the program include asset creation, asset disposition and asset protection of clients. These programs are to be executed during and after the lifetime of the client as per his wishes.

The service provision by professionals with this certification also involves the protection of client property and service provision for meeting the personal needs of clients who are incapacitated due to old age, any illness or any other reason .

Other heads of service provision include management of client asset and arrangement for asset transfer on their behalf, acting as administrator to client estates and also trusts, will preparation and other related jobs to honor client wishes .
Requirements for Certification in Estate Planning
The applicant needs to show proof that in the preceding 5 years from his first application he was engaged in any one of the relevant fields of estate planning, probate law or trust. Experience needs to be gathered in certain specified categories within this broad division.

Experience to be counted as relevant, need to abide by certain numeric specifications and categorizations. Broadly , the concerned fields include the following:
tax planning
tax returns
tax procedures for a specified number of clients.

Under this are included the following subjects:
tax opinions
income tax returns
advice letters
tax-sensitive wills
ruling requests
administrative tax examinations and more.
Eligibility Criterion for Certification and Recertification in Estate Planning
The eligibility criterion for certification in estate planning requires that the applicant should have completed at least 45 hours of educational activity in the approved and stated field within the preceding 3 years from the date of application for the program.

The requirements for recertification to the said program are more stringent. It requires at least 60 hours of educational activity in the approved, stated fields in the 5 year certification phase. Apart from this there are 5 other compliance areas from where the applicant need to do at least 3.

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