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About Estate Planning Council
An estate planning council provides a wide array of services, related to estate planning, to the common public and clients. The majority of estate planning councils are controlled by their members. The members of estate planning councils come from different segments of the society and include attorneys, CPAs (Certified Public Accountants), Certified Financial Planners, Trust Officers, Chartered Life Underwriters, Chartered Financial Consultants and others.

Most of the estate planning councils in the United States are exempted from taxes. The principal objective of an estate planning council is to increase the awareness about estate planning among the common public and its members. They also try to help various clients through their professional employees and members and provide useful services in areas like estate planning, for instance, estate tax planning, trusts, wills, succession of family business and many others.

With the help of estate planning councils, the clients can minimize their estate taxes, pass on the estate to the beneficiaries without any difficulties, avoid probates, ensure suitable distribution of properties and benefit in a number of other ways. One of the significant aims of the estate planning councils is to raise the standard of Estate Planning Council and set up benchmarks in ethical practices.

The seminars held by the estate planning councils focus on different developments that are taking place in the estate planning industry and the purpose behind holding these seminars is to keep the professionals and members updated. Currently, there are a number of estate planning councils based in different cities of the United States.

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Last Updated on : 30th July 2013

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