Dallas Estate Planning Council

Dallas Estate Planning Council is a not-for-profit organization. The planning council aims at providing assistance to the members regarding estate planning. The members are also provided with a different kind of benefits by the Council.

Dallas Estate Planning Council was established in 1946. In the beginning the organization was known as Dallas State Council. The present name of the Council was adopted in 1975. The Council provides different kinds of services to the members for developing their business skills and the latest information about the newest trends in the estate planning sector.
Objective of Dallas Estate Planning Council
The association is operating with a definite objective of promoting mutual understanding among the professionals from the field of estate planning. These professionals belong to different divisions of estate planning sector and proper understanding among these people is very necessary to ensure development of the sector. Dallas Estate Planning Council also provides the members with all the necessary information about the estate planning sector and also develops different business skills in the members. At the same time the Dallas Estate Planning Council also provides various tools that are necessary for the purpose. The council also exchanges different kind of relevant information with their peer organizations.
Membership Benefits provided by Dallas Estate Planning Council
The members are provided with a number of discounts on different magazines and several other products. Some of these are the following:
Leimberg Subscription
CCH, a Wolters Kluwer business
Boot Camp for Advisors
Complimentary Private Wealth Magazine Subscription
Civicom Audio Conferencing
Business Week Magazine
Civicom Dial-A-Note Transcription
Family Foundation Advisor
Free Kit on Providing for Pets in Estate Plans
DocuBank: Emergency Access to Healthcare Directives
NAEPC Logo Merchandise
Kettley Publishing Software
Konica / Minolta
Journal of Taxation of Investments

The programs of the council are supported by the local communities and are sponsored by a number of firms including law firms, banks and so on.
Contact Details:
Dallas Estate Planning Council
PO Box 38553
Dallas, TX 75238–8553
Telephone: 214–340–8020
Fax: 214–340–8021

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