Merrimack Valley Estate Planning Council

Merrimack Valley Estate Planning Council is also known as MVEPC. It is basically an interdisciplinary group . The organization comprises of veteran estate planning professionals who engage in periodic meetings and peer interactions. It is a member of the National Association of Estate Planners and Councils.
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Estate planning has gained in scope over the years. The sector has seen considerable diversification regarding product services. Confiscatory death taxes are no longer the single concern of estate planners in the present day world. Estate planners from Merrimack Valley Estate Planning Council take a comprehensive approach towards estate planning.

They are engaged in helping clients with a number of activities that are related to estate planning:

Modern day estate planning involves an interdisciplinary approach. It entails effective coordination and communication among erudite professionals from allied fields. Merrimack Valley Estate Planning Council facilitates just that .

Merrimack Valley Estate Planning Council has moved along with the times. It provides an interacting platform for its members to remain updated on current developments in the field of estate planning as also in other related disciplines.
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Merrimack Valley Estate Planning Council holds formal dinner meetings which number 5 in a year. These come with features like, an hour dedicated to networking and also include a high quality educational presentation.

The monthly brown bag is a lunch series meant for members. These informal sessions provide excellent networking opportunities. Lunches are on various current , relevant topics. Any Council members with expertise in the selected area gives the general outline of the topic. He also acts as the moderator of the discussion.
Contact details:
Robert M. Lawlor, CFP,CTFA
Enterprise Bank & Trust Co.
222 Merrimack Street Lowell,
MA 01852
Business enquiry: (978) 656–5560
Fax: (978) 656–5879

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