Women’s Estate Planning Council

The Women’s Estate Planning Council has created an environment of friendship among the members who come from different sectors and especially from the estate planing sector. The interaction among these members helps them to develop professionally and to provide incomparable services.

Women’s Estate Planning Council or WEPC started its journey in 1995 as the pioneer of women managed estate planning council in Denver. After the approval of by–laws, women from different sectors came together to form this council in Colorado. In the beginning, there were nearly 10–15 members of the organization but at present there are nearly 80 members in the organization. The presidents of the Women’s Estate Planning Council played a major role in its development. Carol Williams Craigie was the first president of the organization.
Services provided by Women’s Estate Planning Council
The members of Women’s Estate Planning Council belong to different sectors like financial service sector, legal services sector, accounting and so on. All these people have come together to provide estate planning services. At the same time, the Women’s Estate Planning Council is also concerned about promoting the professional interaction among the members.
Meetings of Women’s Estate Planning Council
The meetings of the organization are held regularly and according to a fixed schedule. The second Thursday of every month is fixed for the meetings of the organization. The meetings are used as a common platform to interact with other members as well as with the guests. The educational program is a regular feature of these meetings. A number of topics are discussed in these educational programs.
Membership Requirements of Women’s Estate Planning Council
The Council membership is offered to professionals from financial services sector, attorneys, certified public accounts and so on. The experience of the member is also considered before approving the membership. For membership application, the online application form can be used.
Contact Details:
Women’s Estate Planning Council
c/o Nora E. Roth, J.D.
Colorado State Bank & Trust, NA
1600 Broadway – Trust Department
Denver, CO 80202
Phone 303 –864 –7226
Fax 303–864–7219

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