America Academy of Estate Planning Attorneys

The America Academy of Estate Planning Attorneys was founded in the year 1993. It was established with a view to make the law practices systematized and to introduce a number of management techniques in law practices. The marketing program of the Academy helps the members in handling more clients.

The America Academy of Estate Planning Attorneys was established by Sanford Fisch and Robert Armstrong. The company is providing services in more than forty-four states of the United States of America. Most of the members of the organization are law firms and some of them are highly reputed in the estate planning sector of the country. A wide range of services are provided to these members.
Services offered by America Academy of Estate Planning Attorneys
The prime objective of the Academy is to provide different kinds of services to the attorneys residing in different parts of the country. The America Academy of Estate Planning Attorneys aims at the expansion of business of their members. The services provided to these members are related to different areas like elder law, different type of financial services, estate planning and so on. The members are also provided with appropriate education about the estate planning sector. This education helps the members to serve their clients efficiently and to provide them with proper documents and advices.
Benefits provided by America Academy of Estate Planning Attorneys
America Academy of Estate Planning Attorneys has designed a number of beneficial programs for the members. These benefits can be categorized as support for new members, Legal and Educational Support,Marketing Support, Financial Services, Legal & Educational Products, Practice Management Products and Services, Public Relations Support, Technology & Software Support, Practice Building Support, Marketing and PR Tools and a lot more.
Contact Details
American Academy of Estate Planning Attorneys
6050 Santo Road, Suite 240
San Diego, CA 92124
Toll–free number: (800) 846–1555
Fax: (858) 874–5804

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