Estate Planning in Ohio

There are a wide range of estate planning options available in Ohio. These can be used by the property owners to make wise distribution of their property among the family members as well as other dependents. Estate planning in Ohio is offered by a number of law firms of the State.

Estate planning in Ohio can be done in a number of ways. The property holders of Ohio prefer to do estate planning because it ensures that in the future, their property will be used for the betterment of their family and other close persons. There are different ways of estate planning and the property owner has to make the choice according to his needs and future plans.
Making a Will in Ohio
This is one of the most popular ways of estate planning in Ohio. According to this, the property-owner, with the help of a lawyer, makes a written plan of distribution of his property after his death. At the time of death, if there is no will existing, the property is divided according to the Ohio state law.
Powers of Attorney in Ohio
Powers of attorney is also a preferred option of estate planning in Ohio. According to this, any close friend or relative or someone else is provided with the power to take care of the property and make important decisions about the property in absence of the original property-owner.
Establishing a Trust in Ohio
This is also a good option for estate planning. The trust can be created by the property owner or can be created by the court after the death of the property-owner. These trusts are empowered to take care of the property and to provide a certain portion of the benefits to the beneficiaries. The basic difference between a trust and power of attorney is that the trust cannot sell the property but the power of attorney provides that option. There are certain trusts that are made for a limited period and after that these are resolved.

Firms Offering Estate Planning in Ohio
Sheppard Law Offices, Co., L.P.A. Westerville, Ohio
Boske Law Offices Canton, Ohio
Jennifer Schandel Bergert Canton, Ohio
Coolidge Wall Co., L.P.A. Dayton, Ohio
Law Offices of David M Lowry Fairlawn, Ohio
Brandabur, Bowling & Crehan Co., L.P.A. Hamilton, Ohio
Ronald Marshek Co., LPA Beachwood, Ohio
Dungan Lefevre Troy, Ohio
Lane, Alton & Horst, LLC Columbus, Ohio
Barrett, Easterday, Cunningham & Eselgroth LLP Dublin, Ohio

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