Brazilian Mercantile and Futures Exchange

The Brazilian Mercantile and Futures Exchange was developed in 1991, by merging Sao Paulo Commodities Exchange (formed in 1971) with Brazilian Mercantile and Futures Exchange. The Exchange is presently based in Brazil, and is managed by The Rio de Janeiro Stock Exchange.

The B.M.F.E. deals in futures and option trading with various commodities. Their major trading activities include:
Trading dollar dominated futures commodities such as Robusta coffee, Crystal sugar, cotton and feeder cattle
Option trading commodities like Arabica coffee, soybeans, corn and live cattle.
Trading the spot price contracts of commodities.
Trading forward contracts and spot contracts of gold
Futures and option trading of Ibovespa stock market index
Trading US dollar futures and options
Trading interest rate futures and interest rate options
Achievements of Brazilian Mercantile and Futures Exchange:
In 2000, the Brazilian Mercantile and Futures Exchange joined GLOBEX Alliance.
In the same year, the B.M.F.E. adopted the system of NSC Screen Trading.
In January 2006, Brazilian Mercantile and Futures Exchange traded 1.057 million contracts daily.
Over all in 2006, B.M.F.E. traded an average of 1.043 million contracts daily. This increased volume of trading reflected a trading volume growth of 31.31%.

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