French Forex Market

The European Forex Market is experiencing tumultuous times as the French Forex Market increases pressure. The French Government’s aggressive campaigning for the control of the European Central Bank however, poses no threat for the Euro, the legal tender of the European Union.
Jean – Claude Trichet the erstwhile head of the Banque du France who is presently at the helm of the European Central Bank is aware of the fact that the nationalist trend of the French politics is the actual reason behind such pressure from the French politicians. Sooner or later, this urge is going to settle down.

The Euronext N.V. or the Paris Stock Exchange is responsible for the commendable performance of the French Forex Market. The Paris Stock Exchange is amongst the biggest and the most efficient stock exchanges in the world, and the French Forex Market rides the success of this stock market in France which enlists the biggest and the most profitable companies across the world.

As the currency exchange rate for the French Franc has been fixed from the time of the inception of the Euro as the common currency of the member countries of the European Union, the currency pair comprising of the French Franc and the Euro experiences no fluctuations whatsoever.

The direct quote EUR/FRF is fixed at 6.56, whereas the indirect quote FRF/EUR is equivalent to 0.15, implying that a single unit of the French Franc would cost the buyer 15 Eurocents only.

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