German Forex Market

The German Forex Market no more functions with the foreign Exchange Rate of the Deutsche Mark as its performance indicator. The Deutsche Mark was integrated into the Euro along with the currencies of member nations of the European Union in 1999, and so the exchange arte of the Euro is its indicator.

In 2002, the inception of the notes and coins of the Euro, the common currency of the member nations of the European Union led to the immediate cessation of the circulation of the Deutsche Mark as the legal tender in the German Forex Market. In contrast, in the other Euro countries, the respective national currencies were still being circulated.

A single unit of the Euro is equivalent to 1.95583 Deutsche Marks, which is the the erstwhile currency of unified Germany. The Deutsche Mark is now amongst the best performing currencies in the world backed by the current popularity enjoyed by the German Bonds in contrast to Bonds issued by the other nations. To add to this, people across the world are changing the various currencies possessed by them into the Deutsche Mark. All of this have played an active role in turning the German Forex Market one of the most profitable in the world, if not the most profit making.

Financial organizations like the Deutsche B�rse have played an active role in appreciating the exchange rate of the Deutsche Mark against the major currencies in the world. The Frankfurt Stock Exchange which is probably the most profit earning stock exchange across Europe, is owned and operated by the Deutsche B�rse, and therefore riding the superb performances of the Financial organizations the German Forex Market has returned much more than the worth of the investments made into it by its investors.

The German Forex Market, however presently functions with the Euro as its legal tender and the direct quote of DEM/EUR is at present just below the 2.0 mark.

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