New Zealand Futures and Options Exchange

In this paper we will discuss about the New Zealand Futures and Options Exchange. It was established to help the people of New Zealand to trade with the futures and options easily. It provides several investment and as well as technological products, which empowers the countrymen to run their futures and options trading easily and efficiently.
The New Zealand Futures and Options Exchange (NZX) is established by the New Zealand government to build a sound capital market infrastructure which is needed to accelerate the country’s economic growth. The NZX has a strong passion for business. It is always working for the economic well being of the market participants and investors of New Zealand.

As the financial market in New Zealand is growing rapidly, more companies are heading towards futures and options trading and the NZX is meant to drive this growth. The NZX is continuously unlocking the value of the country’s capital markets for all the investors and shareholders.

It is a leading market regulator in New Zealand, which guarantees an equal trading field for all the listed firms and market participants. In addition to that it ensures the market integrity for which the investors can invest freely.
The New Zealand Futures and Options Exchange is the market advocate that designs the markets’ structure and governs market operations. It helps the companies who want to be enlisted and the people who are willing to invest. The NAX also promotes education and knowledge to solidify the future of the country’s markets.

The NZX facilitates the market participants with e-trading systems. It is continuously working to strengthen the market infrastructure.

The New Zealand Futures and Options Exchange provides several savings and investment services and products to the countrymen. It also provides some technological products, which will ease the process of futures and options trading.

Last Updated: 23rd June 2015

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