Taiwan Futures Exchange

The Taiwan Futures Exchange, which is also known as TAIFEX, was established in the year 1998. This futures exchange of Taiwan launched several new futures products. At present, the Taiwan Futures Exchange carries out commodity futures trading of the Taiwan Stock Indices, government bonds, interest rate futures and equity options.
Taiwan Futures Exchange came into existence in the year 1998. This exchange, which mainly carries out futures trading and option trading of Taiwan stock indices, is also known as TAIFEX. Other than the major stock indices of Taiwan, the exchange also involves in option trading and futures trading of equity options, government bonds and interest rate futures.

The interest rate futures that are traded in Taiwan Futures Exchange are mostly 30-day CP interest rate futures. It can be mentioned here that the commodity futures market in Taiwan was developed in two stages. Firstly, commodity trading of foreign futures was permitted.

Then, in the second stage, futures trading and option trading of domestic futures were allowed and the domestic futures market was finally developed.

Achievements of Taiwan Futures Exchange
In July 1998, Taiwan Futures Exchange launched TAIEX futures or Taiwan Stock Exchange Capitalization Weighted Stock Index futures for the first time.
After one year, In July 1999, the Taiwan Futures Exchange launched two new products. Taiwan Futures Exchange introduced Taiwan Stock Exchange Finance Sector Index futures and Taiwan Stock Exchange Electronic Sector Index futures.
In the year 2001, Taiwan Futures Exchange launched two more products. Mini-TAIEX futures were introduced on 9th April 2001 and TAIEX options were introduced on 24th December 2001.
On 20th January 2003, Taiwan Futures Exchange launched a non-index product like Equity Option.
On 30th June 2003, Taiwan Futures Exchange introduced 50 new index futures.
In the year 2004, the interest rate futures products were introduced for the first time.
In 2005, the Taiwan Futures Exchange firstly introduced Finance Sector Index Options and Electronic Sector Index Options.
In the year 2006, the exchange launched US dollar-dominated products like MSCI Taiwan Index Options and MSCI Taiwan Index

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