Business Schools in Africa

Africa is 2nd largest continent having population of over 1 billion. It has rich biological and natural resources but is poorest and underdeveloped continent . The continent faces a wide range of problems but there are some centers of civilization in Africa where people not only developed a basic standard of life and improved the conditions but also focused on overall growth.

In the last decade many African countries had shown economic growth by exploiting the natural resources , the economic growth has improved the standard of living and reduced poverty. Now because of economic growth , Some business schools has sprouted in main economic centers like South Africa to cater to the need for management education so that they can meet the need of business leaders who will work on the corporates to fuel their growth.

African business schools are not only focused towards their social-economic development but they integrate cultural issues across the world and learn from many international schools to implement the business principles. Some African business schools have reached world reputation by constantly improving their standards and provide rich educational experience.

Africa has a large pool of emerging markets and the business schools have a lot of potential to grow and influence these markets ,learn from the environment and provide the entrepreneurial and leadership backbone to these countries.

There are a number of initiatives taken to bring together the educational institutions in Africa to improve their collaboration and student exchange programs. There are many strategic tie ups with African business schools and European Business schools for improving quality of the course and to provide job specific skill training. Many American universities also opened their campuses in Africa to provide management training.

Africa Business Schools

Institute Name Location Establishment
University of Cape Town Cape Town,�Western Cape,South Africa 1829
Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS) South Africa�Johannesburg,Gauteng,�South Africa 2000
Strathmore Business School Nairobi,�Kenya 1961
The University of Nairobi Nairobi,�Kenya 1970
The United States International University Nairobi,�Kenya 1969
The University of Dar es Salaam Dar es Salaam,�Tanzania 1961
The Management College of Southern Africa Durban,�South Africa 1995
UNISA Pretoria,�Gauteng,�South Africa 1873
The American University in Cairo Cairo,�Egypt 1919
University of Stellenbosch Stellenbosch,�Western Cape,�South Africa 1866
Wits University Johannesburg,�Gauteng,South Africa 1896
Henley Business School – South Africa Johannesburg,�South Africa 1992
Obafemi Awolowo University Ile-Ife,�Osun,�Nigeria 1962
Lagos Business School Lagos,�Lagos,�Nigeria 1991

Studying in Africa can be an enriching experience as there is a lot of economic development going on and many of the world leaders are closely following the development work and it may be a great place to experiment your training and develop something big.

Studying in Africa is affordable to many international students and it is cheap compared to many other countries . Students will also get a rich experience that will last with them for life time. It is widely believed that improved management education will create the economic growth that will be fueled by the business leaders and Entrepreneurs and this growth will help the whole continent.

Some of the business institutions in Africa are of international standard so they ask for proper education al standards and work experience from the candidates who have subject knowledge and can implement this knowledge to solve real life problem. Also General English Requirements need to be fulfilled and students need to furnish GMAT, TOFEL, IELTS scores to join the schools

There are many courses that you can choose from like Marketing, Finance, Banking , Economics, Management, Administration and Governance, Entrepreneurship. These programs are taught by experienced professors and many guest teachers will provide specific issues and their insights. There are Full time, Part time and Executive MBA programs and many Professional skill development programs to improve the quality of students for corporate requirements.

University of Cape Town : Established in 1829, It is based in Cape town, South Africa. It is one of the premier institution in Africa and has international reputation all over the world. It is oldest university in Africa. Students can join here for masters and doctoral program in Management , Economics and other courses.

Gordon Institute of Business Science : Established in 2000 at Johannesburg, South Africa , it is a business school of international repute. It is affiliated to University of Pretoria. It provides both Masters and doctoral programs in business management, Entrepreneurship.

Strathmore University : Established in 1961, It is a private university in Nairobi, Kenya. It is the second best university in Kenya and in recent years improved the standard of education and focused on the quality skill development.

University of Nairobi: Established in 1956, It is the biggest university based in Nairobi, Kenya which become independent in 1970. It is the best university in kenya with international recognition.

University of Dar es Salaam : Established in 1961, It become independent university in 1970. It is based at Dar es Salaam, Tanzania and offers masters programs in Business, Economics, Management. It provides quality and research facilities in highly practical environment.

The Management College of South Africa : Established in 1995, It is one of the reputed business institution in Durban, South Africa. It provides masters programs in Business Administration, Tourism, Hospitality, Entrepreneurship and leadership.

The University of South Africa : Established in 1873, It is based in Pretoria , South Africa. It is largest business university in Africa and attracts a larger number of students for its various educational programs. It provides quality education that has international recognition. It provides masters, doctoral and research specific courses to the students for professional development.

The American University in Cairo : Established in Cairo, Egypt in 1919, It is Liberal Arts university that provides educational services to the students. There are masters and professional courses that the students can choose.

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