Business Schools in Brazil

Brazil is the largest country in South America. Brazil has a strong economy –it is the 7th largest economy in the world and is one of the fastest growing countries. It has not only large natural reserves but also strong industrial sector to back the economy. Brazil also started getting more involved in world financial market.

Brazil have both public and private universities to cater the need to impart business knowledge to students also it has many professional institutions that cater to skill development and particular professional requirements. Many of the Brazilian universities have tie ups with their international counter parts for quality education and standardization.

Brazilian growing middle class fuel the need to get business education so that many business institutions have grown in areas which are economically well and there is more population. The public universities attract large number of students as the fees are less and quality of education is better than private universities. The Private institutions need to improve on the quality of education to meet the requirements.Brazilian government has made many reforms to improve the spread of higher education and quality of education and student coverage and financial assistance.

Brazilian business institutions provide a large number of courses in masters program. Students who want to join must fulfill certain requirements as per the courses and the universities. Students need to show their previous educational qualification and English proficiency so that tthey can get admitted to the universities . International students need student visa to study in Brazil. Studying is brazil is cost effective.

Business Schools in Brazil

Institute Name Location Establishment Year
Fundação Instituto de Administração São Paulo 1980
IBMEC Business School Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte,Brasilia 1970
COPPEAD Graduate School of Business Rio de Janeiro 1973
FGV – EAESP São Paulo Business Administration School São Paulo 1954
FEA-USP – Universidade de São Paulo Faculdade de Economia Administração e Contabilidade São Paulo 1946
BSP – Business School São Paulo São Paulo 1995
INSPER São Paulo São Paulo 1987
EA – Escola de Administraçao do Rio Grande do Sul – UFRGS Porto Alegre 1951
EBAPE Brazilian School of Public and Business Administration Rio de Janeiro 1952
Fundação Dom Cabral Business School Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais 1976
Universidade Estadual de Campinas Campinas, São Paulo 1966
Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro Rio de Janeiro 1920
Universidade Federal de São Paulo São Paulo 1994
Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais 1927
Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul 1895
Fundação Getúlio Vargas Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo,Brasília 1944

Brazil has some of the best educational institutions in Latin America. International students have lots of options in choosing business schools with international reputation. Job opportunities are very good for all those who have completed their higher education and many multinational companies give very good salaries to the students from reputed institutions.

Many of the Brazilian institution have improved their education quality by improving the infrastructure, adding research facilities, very qualified professors to teach the students. Many of the institutions also tried to make their courses more affordable.

Brazil has a rich natural environment , places of scenic beauty and a very diverse mix of people and culture so international students will be exposed to rich international exposure and live in some of the most developed cities in Brazil. Sao paulo is one of the most developed city in Brazil , it is strong in business financial activity and economy powerhouse. Many of the institutions have international accreditation for the quality in education. Management education is growing in Brazil and so is the number of international students who applied to Brazilian schools to study.

Many of the Brazilians used to go to study in US business schools and now they are moving towards their own business schools for study as they believe that they get the same level of education in their home country. There is a huge requirement of management skills in Brazil and business schools need to play a crucial role in the development of the economy and business enterprise. Private business schools have been making good money by providing educational facilities to growing number of students.

Brazil still need many improvements in the educational system to make it more efficient so that it can be comparable to international standards and meet the demands of the growing economy. Business institutions need to have strong collaboration with research institutions, governments and corporates to foster innovation, experience transfer and on job opportunities. Many of the Entrepreneurs have invested in the education industry .

Fundação Instituto de Administração : Established in 1980 at Sao Paulo , It is one of the premier institution in Brazil. It provides Executive MBA Program and research facility to students. It is also called Foundation Management Institute

IBMEC Business School : Established in 1970 at Rio de Janeiro, It is business institution of international repute which provides education and research facilities in Business Administration and Economics. It has also tie ups with some of the international institutions for research and educational facilities.

COPPEAD Graduate School of Business : Established in 1973 at Rio de Janerio, It has contributed significantly to the spread of management education in Brazil by providing facilities for research and skill development.

Escola de Administracao de Empresas de Sao Paulo (EAESP) : Established in 1954 at Sao Paulo, It is a private institution providing higher education in Business management. Its educational facilities are of international standard and are accredited by International Institutions.

Faculty of Management, Economics and Accounting USP (FEA) : Established in 1946 in Sao Paulo. It is a business institution of international repute for higher education and research in Economics, Business management, Administration. It has achieved international excellence due to its constant focus towards problem solving nature and integrating the business solutions for economic growth.

Business School Sao Paulo : Established in 1995 in Sao Paulo , It is a private institution for higher education in Business Management . it provides MBA programs which are of international standard.

INSPER: Founded in 1987 at Sao Paulo , It is a business school that provides management education in MBA and Executive MBA programs for courses in Finance, Accounting, Economics., Business Management, Law, Healthcare.

Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul : Establsihed in 1895, it is a federal university based in Porto Alegre. It is one of the top universities for higher education and research.

Federal University of Minas Gerais : Established in 1927, It is and Institution of higher learning and research based in Belo Horizonte. It is the largest federal university with an international reputation for quality education and research.

Federal University of Sao paulo : Established in 1994, It is a public university of higher education based in Sao Paulo.

Federal University of Rio de Janeiro : Established in 1920 at Rio de Janeiro , It is also called as University of Brazil . It is a public university and a center of Excellence for higher education and research. It is the largest federal university of Brazil. It has achieved international reputation due to its high quality of education facilities and research work.

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