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Europe is the economically strongest continent in the world and third most populous only after Asia and Africa. The Industrial Revolution started in Great Britain in 18th century made it a powerhouse for economic, social and cultural change. Much of the economic change transferred to other countries of Europe and regional development continued. The World War weakened the European economies and made it a hostile place and after that it took more than decades of effort to bring a balance within Europe. But It provided the impetus for business education development.

Soon after the industrial revolution , the economies in the Europe gained strength and became first industrial nations, soon management education started as a part of Economics and Accounting in many parts of Europe. Some of the oldest universities in Europe are the first to teach management education . With the evolution of the field many private institutions also started to provide the management education. The top institutions garnered much respect because they become pioneer in the field of management education.

List of top Business Schools in Europe

School Name Location Establishment Year
INSEAD Business School Fontainebleau, France 1957
London Business School London,�England,�UK 1964
Said Business School, University of Oxford Oxford,�England 1996
IESE Business School, University of Navarra Barcelona�and�Madrid,�Spain 1958
IE Business School Madrid,�Spain 1973
SDA Bocconi, Bocconi University School of Management Milan,�Lombardy,�Italy 1971
ESADE Business School Barcelona,�Spain 1958
IMD Lausanne,�Switzerland 1990�
HEC Paris,�France 1881
Judge Business School, University of Cambridge Trumpington Street ,Cambridge, UK 1954
Warwick Business School Coventry, UK� 1967
University of St. Gallen Switzerland 1898
ESCP EUROPE France, UK, Germany, Spain, Italy 1819
EMLyon Business School France 1872
Cranfield School of Management UK 1967
Imperial College Business School London, UK 2003
Cass Business School London, UK 1966
RSM Erasmus Netherlands 1966
ESMT European School of Management and Technology Germany 2002
EADA Business School Spain 1957
EDHEC Business School France 1906
Henley Business School United Kingdom 1945
Copenhagen Business School (CBS) Denmark 1917
Manchester Business School England, UK 1918
NHH Norway 1936
HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management Germany 1898
Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management Brussels 2008
BI Norwegian Business School Norway 1943
Maastricht University School of Business and Economics Netherlands 1976
Mannheim Business School (MBS) Germany 2005
SKEMA Business School France 2009
Ko� University Graduate School of Business Turkey 1993
Warsaw University of Technology Business School Poland 1826
Webster University Austria 1981
Athens University of Economics and Business (AUEB) Greece 1920
Aarhus University Denmark 1928
MODUL University Austria 2007
Trinity College Dublin School of Business Ireland 1962
University of Bath School of Management United Kingdom 1966
Reims Management School France 1928
Louvain School of Management Belgium 1897
Durham University Business School England, UK 1965
Audencia Nantes School of Management France 1900
ICADE Spain 1956

The top business schools in Europe gained international reputation and competed with the U.S business schools for the top positions. Many business schools in Europe now come in top 100 business schools around the world and are gaining their ground. Many Europeans who choose to study management actually pursue their higher education within the continent. Many management programs in Europe are of one year. So they are more rigorous and provide intensive training and strong educational standards.

United Kingdom, France , Germany, Norway , Spain are more popular management study destinations in Europe. The Central and Eastern Europe are more populated and are more economically stable so it has a strong culture of higher education.

Strength of European Business Schools:

• Europe has more than 400 top higher education institutions consisting of very old public universities and growing private institutions that provide high quality education and research facilities for the students and researchers. It has a large cluster of quality business schools that have international reputation and rank among the top business schools in the world.
• Systematic efforts made to bring institutions to same standards of education and academic credit rating based on Bologna Process.
• Rise of teaching in English medium in a large number of European universities.
• Europe is attractive study destination to Asians particular India, China students to study there as it provides high quality education in a fair cost and provide job opportunities to get employment.
• European Union is the strongest economy in the world . The strong economic growth lead to a huge requirement for managers and leaders who can take the corporates in their path to growth. So ample job opportunities lead to the growth in the management education in Europe.
• Business schools provide MBA, Executive MBA, Doctoral programs, master in management and other professional skill development programs in wide varieties of courses.

United Kingdom is one of the top destinations in Europe for business education as it has a large cluster of top business schools located near the economic and financial center of London. Studying in united kingdom is more costly compared to other destinations in Europe. UK MBA graduates also earn more compare to the other European graduates. UK hosts to top business schools as : London Business School , Said Business School, Judge Business school.

Spain, Germany and France are less costly and also have some of the top business schools in economically developed centers. In Germany and France tuition fees are less and cost of living is cheap compared to UK and USA.

Many of the top business schools updated their curriculum by the business education innovation so that they can stay relevant to the current context and impart managerial thinking and ideas for the current industry and corporate growth.

The course fees vary widely across universities so kindly check it on the university’s website . But is general U.K business schools are more costly compared to other business schools in the region. Business schools in Europe offer management programs that are less expensive and one-year program compared to American programs which are expensive and of two year. So you will considerably save time and money in getting comparatively same quality of education. Normal top U.S business schools will cost around U.S $ 110, 000 while same standard European Business school will cost around U.S $ 66,000.

Problems with European Business Schools:

• Significant Language barriers still exist in many of the top business schools in Europe. Even though English is adopted as standard mode of teaching management programs , regional influence is still strong in these business schools.

There are three accreditation bodies for the business schools in Europe. These are AACSB [Association to Advance Collegiate School of Business ] , AMBA [Association of MBA] and EQIS [ European Quality Improvement System] . Many of the top business schools are accredited by all three institutions while some are accredited by only one of these institutions. The Accreditation process is a lengthy work and takes a lot of time and investment in terms of Quality Education development, Faculties, Research Facilities, Overall management. Any business school that has been accredited by one or more of these facilities, is automatically regarded as being one of the best educational facilities in the field.

As there is a large bunch of top business schools exist in Europe , there is intense competition to reach to the top and excel over academics and job placements. Top business schools in Europe also maintain a strong partnership with top business schools in U.S and among other European business schools . They also help the Asian and African business schools in the quality improvement process in management education , Academics and skill development. Many of the corporates have partnership with local business schools in Europe for specific professional skill training and job related training purposes.

With Euro zone crisis and economic recession , the job prospects have decreased but top business schools remain unaffected by these changes. Government funding for many business schools have stopped because of the economic problems so some of the business schools are now merged with other business schools to optimally perform better.

INSEAD is the pioneer of the Modern European business education and it ranks top among the European business schools. INSEAD has the largest MBA class size of 1008 students , but many top business schools have small class size within 100 students.

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