Ghent University

Ghent University is located in Ghent, Flanders, Belgium. The university was established in 1817. The Rector of this public university is Paul Van Cauwenberge. More than thirty thousand students flock to Ghent University on an average each year. This university is a pluralist university.
Research based education is provided by Ghent University on a wide variety of subjects. Currently, the varsity has 5450 staff members and 26000 students. One of the courses of Ghent University is Economics and Business Engineering.

The courses covered under this broad head are as follows:
Economic and Applied Economic Science
Economic Sciences
Economics and Business Administration
Banking and Finance
Applied Economic Sciences
Marketing Analysis
Operations and Technology Management

A bachelor’s degree is provided in Economics, Business Economics and Business Engineering. The focus of this program is on problem solving and analytical thinking. The written and oral communication skills of the students are also developed in this program.

The Economics and Business Administration program of Ghent University includes the following:
Master of Complementary Studies in Economics
Doctoral Training Program Ghent University
Specific Teacher Training Program in Economics and Business Economics
Master of Complementary Studies in Business Economics

The Economic Sciences program of Ghent University include the following:
Preparatory Course Master of Business Engineering
Preparatory Course Master of Economics
Linking Course Master of Economics
Master of Economics ( Main Subject: Economic Theory and Methodology)
Master of Economics (Main Subject: Economic Policy)
Bachelor of Economics
Doctor of Economic Sciences

The Applied Economic Sciences program of Ghent University include Bachelor of Business Economics with main subjects like accountancy, marketing and finance. Master of Business Engineering with main subjects like marketing engineering and operations management is also included in this program. Banking and Finance program of Ghent University includes Preparatory Course Master of Banking and Finance and Master of Banking and Finance. Market Analysis of Ghent University include Preparatory Course Master of Marketing Analysis and Master of Marketing Analysis. Accounting program of Ghent University includes Master of Advanced Accounting with main subjects internal auditing, management control and financial reporting .
Contact details of Ghent University:
Ghent University
Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat 25
B – 9000 Ghent
Tel. +32 9 264 70 00 (Information and advice)
Tel. +32 9 264 30 21 (Student administration)

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