University of Groningen

University of Groningen is situated in Groningen, Netherlands. This university was established in 1614. this makes it the second oldest university of the country. University of Groningen is a member of Coimbra Group and has 6000 faculty members and 22,352 students.
The university has 27 research centers, 17 graduate schools and degree programs in excess of 175. University of Groningen or RUG attracts students from over a hundred foreign countries. The university has sixty one bachelor degree programs. The time required for completion of these degree programs is three years on the completion of which a BA or BSc degree is awarded to the students.

Some of the bachelor’s degree programs of University of Groningen are the following:
International Economics and Business
Business Studies (specialization in International Business and Management)
Accountancy and Controlling
Economics and Management
Technology Management

The master’s degree programs of University of Groningen run for a period of one to two years. There are about sixty master degree programs of this university and after a student completes a program, an MSC, MA or LL.M. degree is awarded accordingly to the student.

The master’s degree programs of University of Groningen related to business and economics are the following:
Econometrics, Operations Research and Actuarial Studies
Business Administration
Human Resource Management
Economics and Business
International Business and Management
Technology Management
International Economics and Business
The Faculty for Economics and Business of University of Groningen is of international acclaim. The Graduate School Economics and Business and The Groningen Business School provide excellent business education facilities.

Postgraduate programs of University of Groningen include Registered Controllers Program, Postgraduate Controllers Program and AOG which includes Applied Business Studies, MSc in Business Studies and Masters in Facility Management.
Contact details of University of Groningen:
Postal Address: P.O. Box 72 9700 AB Groningen THE Netherlands
Visiting Address: Oude Boteringestraat 44 9712 GL Groningen
Spokesman: +31 50 363 5480 +31 6 51 70 29 59
Communication Office: +31 50 363 5445/5446
Telefax: +31 50 363 6300

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