Business Schools in Germany

Germany has the largest economy in the European Union and fourth largest in the world. It is a country rich in Art, Culture, music and Philosophy, it boasts not only a long list of noble prize winners but also philosophers and music composers and researchers. A pioneer in the field of technological education and research , it provides best facilities to maintain the educational culture.

Germany is the most populous in European Union and has a strong social market based economy . It has a highly skilled labor force in the world and is world famous for its industries like Automotive, Electrical and Mechanical products. It is very developed as a industrial nation.

Focusing on the changes in economy, it must move from a industrial production nation to an innovation and research nation so that it will be treated as a knowledge economy. With the educational reform and adoption of Bologna Process the Germany schools adopted European Standards and quickly rose in their standings as institution of higher learning.

Germany has a strong background in Technology, Engineering and Software , now there is a strong demand in the market for management professionals in the field of finance and consulting. Germany have developed a strong financial capabilities to manage its economy , and has a finest financial center in Frankfurt. In recent years it grown into strong financial center in Europe. The financial companies hire a lot of management graduates to work for them.

Germany ranks high in higher education across the world in technical and management education. There are 370 universities in Germany which provide a wide range of programs in both technical and managerial education. Germany higher education system comprises of public and private institutions, the public business schools are government funded for education and research facilities. Germany Universities are the oldest and one of the best in the World. These universities have strong educational background. Some of the universities got international quality accreditation and come in international ranking as a top institution for management education.

List Of Top Business Schools in Germany

Institution Name Location Establishment Year
University of Mannheim – Mannheim Business School Mannheim,�Baden-W�rttemberg 2005
ESB Business School – Reutlingen University Reutlingen,�Baden-W�rttemberg 1979
Frankfurt School of Finance & Management Frankfurt am Main,�Hesse 1957
WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management Vallendar 1984
University of Cologne – Faculty of Management, Economics and Social Sciences Cologne,�NRW 1919
HHL- Leipzig Graduate School of Management Leipzig,�Saxony 1898
Goethe Business School – Goethe Universit�t Frankfurt Am Main Frankfurt am Main,�Hessen 2004
The M�nster School Of Business Administration And Economics Universit�t M�nster Munster 2000
Humboldt-Universit�t Zu Berlin Faculty Of Economics And Business Administration Berlin 1810
ESMT – European School of Management and Technology Berlin 2000
Department Of Business And Economics Freie Universit�t (Fu) Berlin Dahlem,�Berlin 1948
Faculty Of Economic Sciences Universit�t G�ttingen G�ttingen,�Lower Saxony 1734
Universit�t Freiburg – Faculty Of Economics And Behavioural Sciences Freiburg im Breisgau 1457
Universit�t Erlangen-N�rnberg – Faculty Of Business Administration, Economics & Social Sciences Erlangen�and�Nuremberg,�Bavaria 1743
Universit�t Kiel – Faculty Of Business, Economics And Social Sciences Kiel 1665
Gisma Business School Hanover,�Lower Saxony 1999
Ingolstadt School Of Management Ku Eichst�tt-Ingolstadt Eichst�tt�&�Ingolstadt,�Bavaria 1980
Passau Graduate School Of Business Universit�t Passau Passau 1973
Faculty Of Economics Universit�t Duisburg-Essen Duisburg�and�Essen 2003�
Fh Furtwangen University – Faculty Of International Business Furtwangen im Schwarzwald 1851
Berlin School of Economics and Law� Berlin 1971
European University Munich Munich 1973
Munich Business School Munich,�Bavaria 1991
Kuehne School of Logistics and Management� Hamburg 2010
Stuttgart Institute of Management and Technology Stuttgart 1998
WFI – Ingolstadt School of Management Ingolstadt,�Bavaria 1989

Higher education in Germany is free of cost for European and international students but some private universities ask for certain amount of tuition fees. Kindly check with the concerned university for the tuition fees , this may vary across programs and universities. The cost of living is less compared to other developed countries but may vary from place to place. Students are required to take health insurance to protect against health conditions.

Germany is one of the top global educational destination for management education due to its strong base of management education at a cheaper cost and available job opportunities. Number of international students coming to study here is increasing. Many Germans who actually go for higher education join the business schools at home country rather than move to U.S or U.K .This may be due to a better job market and a quality education that are of international standard. Many of the companies in Germany send their executives for management training and provide job opportunities to management students. International students who come to study in Germany can work in German companies, so the job opportunities also help the students from Asia and Eastern Europe to come to study here. Germany is growing as a popular destination among the European students as the education standard is of European standard and accredited by international institutions. In recent times German Economy maintained its strength and job opportunities are good in the market.

Professors at the business schools have a wide range of experience working in industry and can provide real insights into the business problems , this also facilitates the knowledge transfer process along with the teaching specific skills needed to work in the industry. Students will get subjective knowledge along with practicals in labs , there is wide scope for research .

Students need to get very competitive to get into the top business schools in Germany, they need to have very good academic knowledge as well as good GMAT , TOFEL and IELTS scores to showcase their intellectual caliber.

Mannheim Business School : It is a premier institution of management education in Germany at the university of Mannheim at Mannheim. It is only university in Germany with international accreditation and have international ranking. It provides MBA, Executive MBA and professional programs in management education.

ESB Business School : It is a business school under the Reutlingen University in Germany that provides management education. It is a premier institution and one of the top business school in Germany.

Frankfurt School of Finance & Management : Founded in 1957, It is a private institution of management education in Germany. As Frankfurt is developed as a financial center in Europe , it is going to be a proper place for financial and management education.

Otto Beisheim School of Management : It is a private institution of higher learning based in Koblenz in 1984. It provides MBA, Executive MBA programs that are of international standard.

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