Business Schools in Norway

Set in a scenic environment , rich in culture and heritage , Norway is one of the Scandinavian country of Europe. Norway is a modern country rich in economic development and the business industries focused towards growth by innovation, research and business acumen. Norway ranks high in terms of education level, standard of living and income.

In order to develop a knowledge based society the government focused on every part of education. Higher education comprises of Masters Program , PhD programs , There are many professional skill development programs to enhance the skill set of the people.

Management education is provided by 8 business institutions in Norway.Higher education of Norway especially management programs are comparable to European standards and are integrated with the international business institutions. Business Schools focused to create an international orientation that will help the students better skill development.

Norway Business Schools

Institute Name Location Establishment Year
BI Norwegian Business School Oslo 1943
NHH � Norwegian School Of Economics Bergen 1936
Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) Trondheim 1996
Oslo School of Management Central�Oslo 1914
University of Oslo Oslo 1811
Bod��Graduate School of Business Bod� 1985
University of Stavanger Stavanger 2005

International students need to meet the entrance requirements of various course programs these usually include proper basic education and work experience and competency in English Language. High Quality education and rich course programs are coupled with unique natural environment helps the students to have a overall development. High quality education from experienced teachers and peer group learning helps the students to understand the courses.

The education in Norway is also research driven so the students are expected to solve real life problems and situations and apply the course skills to solve the problem and reach to conclusions.To join any business institution you need to contact with them and seek information on various details of the courses.

BI Norwegian Business School: Established in 1943, It is private business school located in Oslo. It is the largest institution in Norway and one of the premier institution in Europe.
NHH- Norwegian School of Economics : Established in 1936, It is a business school of International reputation. It focuses on the field of Economics and Business Administration. Many of the international students apply to study here as the education is of international standard.
The Norwegian University of Science and Technology : Established in 1996, It is the second largest university in Norway located in Trondheim.
University of Oslo : Established in 1811, It is the oldest and largest university in Norway. It is one of the top university in the world and in Europe. It is located in Oslo and cater to a diverse mixture of international students in various courses.

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