Durham Business School

Durham Business School Overview
The Durham Business School is one of the best business schools in Europe. The Durham Business School offers a wide range of educational programs on subjects like economics, finance and business. The Durham Business School was established in 1965.

Durham Business School Full Time MBA Programs
The Full Time MBA programs, conducted by the Durham Business School, offer the students to learn about the various aspects of modern business.

The Durham Business School also has programs like the Business Project, that allow the students to gain work experience by using their knowledge.

Durham Business School Executive MBA
The Executive MBA program of the Durham Business School is a two year course.

This course is meant for business executives, who are working. The program provides its students an excellent combination of theoretical knowledge and other skills, that are necessary to achieve success in the professional world of business.

Durham Business School MBA Finance
The MBA Finance program of the Durham Business School is a one year course. This course is similar to the other MBA programs. However, it also integrates issues, that are related to financial studies.
Durham Business School Distance Learning MBA
The Durham Business School is offering a Distance Learning MBA program. This program is meant for those students, who want to carry on studying, while also doing other important work like, doing jobs and looking after family.
Durham Business School Doctorate in Business Administration Programs
The Doctorate in Business Administration program, offered by the Durham Business School, is a research based program. The students of this course receive education on the various issues, related to management.
Durham Business School MSc Programs
The MSc programs, available in the Durham Business School are one year programs. The programs start on October every year.

The Durham Business School offers MSc degrees on the following subjects:
Accounting and Finance
Finance and Investment
Corporate and International Finance
International Banking and Finance
Economics and Finance
International Money, Finance and Investment

Durham Business School Enterprise Management Program
The Enterprise Management program, available in the Durham Business School, is a part time course. This program is meant for managers, who have a certain level of experience.
Durham Business School Undergraduate Degrees

The Durham Business School provides degrees, at the undergraduate level, on a number of subjects like:

  • Business


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