IFS School of Finance

IFS School of Finance is a charitable educational institute established by the Royal Charter. This institute offers financial education to providers of financial services on an international scale. IFS School of Finance also dishes out a wide variety of Continuing Professional Development services to its members.
Executive education is also provided through lectures, seminars and masterclasses. The institute works in close contact with the industry for financial services. IFS Financial Capability Package is designed for students within the age group of fourteen to nineteen years. Every college and school in England can avail these packages.

There are four courses in this package and important topics like budgeting, credit cards, loans and debts are covered under these courses.

The following are the four courses:
Intermediate Certificate in Personal Finance ( ICPF )
Foundation Certificate in Personal Finance ( FCPF )
Diploma in Financial Studies (DipFS)
Certificate in Financial Studies ( CeFS )

The Certificate Courses of IFS School of Finance are the following:
Certificate in Regulated Equity Release
Certificate in Supervising in a Regulated Environment
Certificate in Commercial Mortgages
Advanced Certificate in Mortgage Advice and Practice
Certificate in Regulated Complaints Handling
Certificate in Regulated Customer Care
Customer Service Professional
Certified Documentary Credit Specialist
Certificate of Regulated General Insurance
Certificate in Mortgage Advice and Practice
Certificate for Financial Advisers

The Adult Education Courses of IFS School of Finance are the following:
Diploma in Personal Financial Planning
Certificate in Personal Financial Planning
Award in Personal Financial Planning

The Professional and Applied Diploma Courses of IFS School of Finance include the following:
Applied Diploma in Risk and Insurance Management
Applied Diploma in Retailing Financial Services
Applied Diploma in Corporate Banking
Professional Diploma in Financial Services Management
A lot of other degree and tailored courses are also offered by IFS School of Finance. The Awards and Curriculum of IFS School of Finance have approval from the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority.
Contact details of IFS School of Finance:
6th Floor
100 Cannon Street
United Kingdom
T: +44 (0) 20 7444 7111
F: +44 (0) 20 7444 7115

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