Boston University School of Management

Boston University School of Management Overview
The Boston University School of Management is one of the leading educational institutions in the United States. Over the years, the Boston University School of Management has been teaching its students the various details of business management, with a considerable degree of success.
The Boston University School of Management imparts education on business management through programs, that are provided at both the graduate and undergraduate level.

Boston University School of Management SMG Honors Program
The business management program, provided by the Boston University School of Management, at the Undergraduate level is called the SMG Honors Program.

This program was started in 1998, and it has the following goals:
Offering the students an extraordinary opportunity to create, innovate, and make a difference in the world around them
Promoting the idea that, through community service, each student can make a real difference
Offering, through specialized colloquia and seminars, an opportunity to work closely with leading faculty
Fostering a sense of community, which will likely lead to life-long friendships and perhaps partnerships for future entrepreneurial ventures
Promoting additional skills in management research, analytical reasoning, and written communication, that complement the professional courses in management and the solid grounding in the liberal arts
Boston University School of Management Graduate Business Management Courses

The Boston University School of Management Degrees provides the following business management courses, at the graduate level:
Executive MBA
MS in Investment Management
Professional Evening MBA
Doctor of Business Administration
Dual Degrees
A major number of the business management programs, offered at the Graduate level, are full time courses. The most common examples of the full time programs are the MS-MBA, and a certain number of dual degree programs.

However there are a few part time programs as well. These programs have been designed, keeping in mind the students, who are working. Examples of such programs are the Executive MBA Program and the MS in Investment Management.

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