Louisiana State University Graduate School

Louisiana State University Graduate School offers nearly 130 graduate degree programs at present. The institute is considered as the best institute in the state for doing academic research and advanced studies. The programs offered by the institution is unique and incomparable.
The Louisiana State University Graduate School has a glorious history. The University felt the responsibility of encouraging the research activities. To serve the purpose, the Graduate School was founded in 1931. From then onwards the Louisiana State University Graduate School is offering quality education to the students.

According to the statistics, the institution has offered 46,290 advanced degrees till 2001. The administration of the Louisiana State University Graduate School is in the hands of a Graduate dean and the Graduate Council assists the dean in this manner.

The Council has the responsibility of considering new proposals regarding new degree programs and also recommend changes in the policy of the school. The aims and objectives behind establishing such an institution is to stimulate the research works.
At the same time, Louisiana State University Graduate School aims at providing advanced studies and specialization facilities to a huge number of students. Along with these, inspiring the students for independent investigation and teaching the methods of the same is also an objective of the Institute.

For the developed facilities, the Louisiana State University Graduate School is one of the major research universities of the country. The number of new Ph.D and the outside funding for research of the institution is excellent and because of this, the institution has been recognized as Research Extensive by Carnegie Foundation. The research programs of the university is encouraging new discoveries in the country which is helping in the development of the country.

The Louisiana State University Graduate School offers research opportunities in 54 different subjects and at the same time, 75 programs regarding the Master’s Degree are offered to the students. All these programs consists of subjects related to every field like Sciences, humanities and social sciences, creative writing and business administration.

The institution offers several Graduate Programs. Finance is also offered as an distinct field and there is a separate department to handle the field.

The departments related to finance are as follows:
Business Administration
Business Law
Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Contact details
Louisiana State University Graduate School
114 David Boyd Hall
Phone: 225/578-2311
Fax: 225/578-2112
Baton Rouge, LA 70803 USA

Contact Details (Finance Department)

Department of Finance
2163 Patrick F. Taylor Hall
Baton Rouge, LA 70803
225-578-6291 Voice
225-578-6366 Fax

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