UC Berkeley Extension

UC Berkeley Extension provides flexible education programs to a wide range of students through out the whole world. As a branch of the University of California, UC Berkeley Extension was established in 1891. The institute is meant to serve as a continuing education branch. The institute provides almost 1000 courses every year.
These courses includes a wide range of subjects that ranges from business management to photography, technological advancements to creative writing and many more. Most of these courses are offered to all those who are interested. UC Berkeley Extension provides different programs for the interested people.

These programs are designed in such a manner that it causes professional and personal development of the learner. To reach each and every interested person, the programs are designed with huge flexibility and are also available online.

Programs of Study
Writing, Editing, and Technical Communication
Oxford/Berkeley Program
Online Learning
Business & Finance
Business & Management
Math & Statistics
Environmental Management
Electronic Engineering
Humanities & Personal Development
Interior Design & Interior Architecture
Landscape Architecture and Garden Design
Computer Technology and Information Management
Behavioral & Health Sciences
Art & Design

There are several courses that are offered under these programs of UC Berkeley Extension.

Some of these courses are as follows:
Information Session: Finance
Financial Analysis and Modeling
International Finance
Advanced Corporate Finance
Options and Other Financial Derivatives
Security Analysis
Investment Portfolio Management
Basic Financial Mathematics and Financial Spreadsheets
Business Valuation
Fundamentals of Finance
Intermediate Corporate Finance
Basic Corporate Finance
Advanced Topics in Financial Modeling
Personal Financial Planning
Counseling Skills for Financial Services Professionals
Understanding Wealth Management
Estate Planning
Income Taxes and Personal Financial Planning
Investments in Personal Financial Planning: General Principles and Methods
Financial Engineering and Wealth Management
Employment Benefits and Personal Financial Planning
Leadership & Management
Essentials of Management
Managing Nonprofit Organizations
Managing Stress and Disagreement
Leadership Development Series
Essentials of Marketing
Strategic Marketing Management
Advanced E-Mail and Online Marketing
Essentials of Public Relations
Brand Management
Essentials of Advertising
International Marketing
Strategic Marketing for Nonprofit Organizations

All these programs and courses of UC Berkeley Extension are designed and developed by the specialists. They are provided enough assistance by the several corporations, international universities, government agencies and many more. Because of the involvement of such civic bodies and education institutes, exact needs of the society are judged properly. Because of this, these courses are very helpful for a large section.
Contact Details
Administrative Office
1995 University Ave.
Suite 110
Berkeley, CA 94704-7000
(510) 642-4111

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