University of Washington

University of Washington was established in 1861 and it is one of the oldest universities of the country which has the status of the state-aided universities. It is also one of the best place for the research activities in the whole world. The University of Washington is involved in providing different educational programs for different purposes.

Some of the educational programs that are offered by the University of Washington are as follows:
Aeronautics and Astronautics
American Ethnic Studies
Applied and Computational Mathematical Sciences (ACMS)
Applied Mathematics
Chemical Engineering
Community and Environmental Planning (CEP)
Computer Science and Engineering
Construction Management
Electrical Engineering
Health Services Administration
International Studies
Law, Societies, and Justics
Mechanical Engineering
Political Science
Quantitative Ecology and Management (QERM)

There are a number of schools that are designed to run the courses that are described above.

Some of these schools of University of Washington are as follows:
College of Arts and Sciences
Business School
College of Education
College of Engineering
The Graduate School
Information School
School of Law
Daniel J. Evans School of Public Affairs
School of Social Work

The Business School of the University of Washington was established in 1917 and at present it is providing business related educational programs to more than 2,500 graduate or undergraduate students every year. More than 1,000 executives are provided with special training every year. The Business School provides ample scope for the students and working professionals as well as the institutions to learn about the trends of the modern business sector.

Through the Global Business Center of the Business School of the University of Washington provides different student programs . These are undergraduate programs, postgraduate programs and Doctoral programs. The undergraduate program includes several programs.

These are:
Business School Exchange Programs
European Internships
B-School Buddy Program
Bschool Students Exploring the World Blog
Global Business Case Competition
IKEA International Case Competition
Certificate of International Studies in Business
Selling Your International Experience Podcast
Exploration Seminars
UW’s International Programs & Exchanges Office

The graduate programs of the Business School are the following:
Global Business Program Certificate
Global Business Forum
Global Business Study Tours
Exchange Programs
International Courses
Global Social Entrepreneurship Competition
Business Language Study

Doctoral Programs of the Business School are the following:
Doctoral Internationalization Consortia
Summer Fellowships


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