Different Types of Banking Services

According to the nature of financial services and the client base, the services of the banks can be categorized in several types:

Retail Banking
Corporate Banking
Business Banking
Private Banking
Investment Banking

There are a variety of banks, run by different organizations, for instance:

Banks run by the private sector (meant to earn profits by providing financial services
Banks regulated by the government
Non-profit banks

Retail banking services are offered to individual clients and also to small-scale businesses.

Several banks that provide such services are:

Commercial bank
Private banks
Savings bank
Postal savings banks
Ethical banks
Offshore banks
Community development banks
Building societies
Community Banks

Investment banking facilities are designed mainly for corporate clients, and consist of underwriting services, advisory services, trade financing and so forth.

These services are provided by the following banks:

Merchant Banks
Investment Banks

Apart from these, there are Islamic banks that are built on Islamic ideals and Islamic regulations. The rules and regulation are a bit differ from other banks.



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