Consumer Debt

The consumer debt refers to the debt that is incurred from purchasing a good or service. The consumer debt may also be termed as consumer credit. This form of debt mainly incurs from credit card debt, car loans, family loans and store-financed consumer purchases. As per the concept of macroeconomics, consumer debt is used to fund consumption but not investment.
In other way it can be stated that consumer debt is actually owed by the consumers on those credits that are not secured by residential real estate. According to some economists, the consumer debt incurred is damaging to the economy while some others believe that consumer debt is actually beneficial to the economy.

The perspective of consumer debt has suffered a number of changes. In the earlier days when it was considered unethical for being in the personal debt, the present day however has a different eye towards it.According to the alternative analysis, consumer debt may be a way to increase the domestic production for the consumers.

It should also be considered that the credit is easily available to the consumers. The present day generation of consumers is exposed to an increased demand for consumer goods and hence having consumer debt has become more frequent these days.
The financial institutes are offering various schemes attracting the consumers. Now getting a credit card has become a common matter. The consumer debt gives an easy access to money to the consumers. With the payment of some interest charges and fees the consumers are enjoying this facility. The interest rate that is charged mainly depends on various factors such as customer�s ability to repay, economic climate, pressures from other competitive lenders and on the structure of credit product.

The consumer debt industry has grown substantially over last few years. As more and more consumers are opting for the consumer debt, there have been cases when the consumers are failing to repay the loan amount and falling in the prey of bankruptcy. Consumer debt counseling is a service that advises the consumers on how to clear the debts without going for bankruptcy. The consumer debt counseling industry has grown enormously in the recent times across the world primarily due to the increasing use of consumer debt.

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