Gordon Model

Gordon Model or the Gordon Growth Model has been named so in order to honor Myron Gordon. Myron Gordon was a member of the faculty of the University of Toronto. Gordon growth model is a variation of the discounted dividend model. The discounted dividend model is used to find out the value of stocks or business enterprises.
The Gordon Growth Model is a very important financial theory. This model deals with adding up of the infinite series.

Use of Gordon Growth Model

The Gordon growth model is employed in order to provide valuation issues for the following categories:

Business Transactions, which are presently outside the regular market
Tax Planning
The Gordon Growth Model is also used to ascertain a stock’s intrinsic value. The calculations are normally done on the basis of a future series of dividends. The dividends are presumed to grow at a fixed rate.
The Gordon Growth Model is normally used in case of mature companies and indices of broad markets that have lower and moderate rates of growth.

Formula for Gordon Growth Model

The formula of the Gordon Growth Model is as follows:

Stock Value (P) = D / k – G

In this formula, “D” stands for expected dividend per share one year from the present time, “G” stands for rate of growth of dividends and “k” represents the required return rate for the equity investor.

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