Fundamentals of Finance

Fundamentals of Finance plays a very important role in the present market driven world. Starting from the process of production to distribution, the entrepreneur as well as the company needs finance. The business enterprises as well as firms need finance to meet all of their short term, medium term and long term needs.

• The long-term financial need is generally to make investment on the fixed assets such as plants, machines and buildings.
• The short term financial needs is generally for working capital management.
• The medium term financial needs generally for a period of 1 year to 5 years.

Finance cover following important topics:
Stock Market
Bond Market
Raising capital: debt vs. equity
Managing financial risk
World Economy
Stock Trading
Companies Financial Report
World Banks
World Capital Market
Brand Management

Long-Term Sources Of Finance
Share capital or equity share Preference shares Retained earnings
Debentures Bonds Loans from financial institutions
Loan from state financial corporation Loans from commercial banks Venture capital funding
Asset securitization International


Medium Term Sources Of Finance
Preference shares Debentures Bonds
Public deposits/fixed deposits for three years Loans from financial institutions Loan from state financial corporation
Loans from commercial banks Lease financing / hire purchase financing External commercial borrowings
Euro-issues Foreign currency bonds


Short term sources of finance
Trade credit Commercial banks Public deposits/fixed deposits for one years
Advances received from customers Various short-term provisions


Finance Table
Finance Companies Business Finance Small Business Finance
Financial Instruments Hyudai Motors Finance Finance Taxation
International Finance Public Finance International Micro Finance
Finance Ministry of Countries Legal Finance Car Finance
Finance Advisor Loan Finance Finance & Banking
Global Financial Market Micro Finance Household Finance
Financial Services Real Estate Finance Honda Finance
International Business Finance Financial Planning Finance Organisation