Financial Advisor Career

Financial advisor career is a career in demand. At the present time, more and more people are getting interested in choosing a career of a financial advisor. Becoming a financial advisor requires a number of skills and training.

About Financial Advisor Career
Becoming a financial advisor is an aspiration, which is being seen in a large number of people nowadays. The importance of financial advisors in the financial markets all over the world is growing day by day.

With the financial market getting global and the nature of financial transactions becoming more and more complicated in nature, the investors are feeling the need of financial advisors increasingly. If a person wants to become a financial advisor, he should have a thorough knowledge about the different aspects of finance. Furthermore, he should also possess analytical and mathematical skills.

Function of Financial Advisors
Financial advisors assist people handle their investments both for the short term and long term. They enable the investors in taking a decision about which bonds, stocks, mutual funds, and other financial securities they should invest in.
For helping their clients, financial advisors offer a number of valuable advices and work long hours. They also have the skill of handling a number of clients simultaneously. They communicate with their clients on a daily basis. The principal objective of financial advisors is to serve the clients in selecting the most appropriate investment products so that their financial objectives of increased return and maximized savings are accomplished.
Qualifications Required for Becoming a Financial Advisor
In order to become a financial advisor, an individual should have a college degree in finance or related subject area. In addition, the following qualifications can serve as an added advantage for a financial advisor:
Master of Business Administration (MBA)
Chartered Financial Analyst or CFA
Chartered Financial Consultant or ChFC
Certified Financial Planner or CFP
Certified Public Accountant or CPA
Licensing Necessities
For becoming a professional financial advisor, licensing is compulsory. In order to obtain a license, an individual has to pass certain licensing examinations. In the United States, the licensing examination is held by the NASD or National Association for Security Dealers.
Employment Opportunities
Financial advisors can work independently or under a financial services provider. At presesnt, approximately 40% financial advisors are carrying out their services as self-employed individuals against a commission. Nevertheless, a large number of asset management companies and investment management companies are also recruiting financial advisors both on part time and full time basis and offering lucrative remunerations to them.

In conclusion, it can be said that financial advisor is undoubtedly a high-flying career.

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