Financial Planning Certificate Program

Financial Planning Certificate Program deals with the certification process of financial planners. The course involves following a rigorous and comprehensive educational standard, tough examination schedules and adherence to an exacting ethics code. Classroom based programs are more effective here.

More About Financial Planning Certificate Program
To gain entry into a Financial Planning Certificate Program, candidates need to have certain requisite qualifications.
The would be financial planners need to have completed a four year undergraduate program. Knowledge of accounting, economics, statistical methods and finance is a prerequisite for gaining entry into a Financial Planning Certificate Program.

Both classroom lecture method and online training packages are used for imparting Financial Planning Certificate Programs. With minor variations, the course content of a Financial Planning Certificate Program includes business foundation, estate planning, financial planning, retirement planning, risk management, employee benefits, investments and tax planning techniques.
Most of the Financial Planning Certificate Programs are flexible in nature. The would be financial planners may complete the module by taking one course at a time or alternatively by going for the entire gamut.
The student profile of Financial Planning Certificate Program ranges from college graduates, finance industry professionals, competent retirees to persons opting for career changes.

Brief Description of the Course Content of a Financial Planning Certificate Program

Foundations in Business Main focus area is provision of knowledge regarding the opportunity cost of money, the relevant economic concepts, accounting techniques and statistical methods.
Estate Planning It provides solutions for tax reduction in different types of property transfer. The non tax aspect of this type of planning involves the documentation part of wills, power of attorney, trusts and the like.
Tax Planning Tax structures of corporations, proprietorships and partnerships are taught here to the would be financial planners. Information on tax aspects of securities, investments, annuities and the like are also taught here.
Investments This teaches exploration of the securities market, risk/return, bonds, futures, debt and the like. The ultimate aim is analysis and building up of portfolios.
Retirement Planning & Employee Benefits Retirement Planning involves IRAs, retirement plans which are tax deferred and the like. Employee benefits deal with social security covers, health insurance, group life, disability insurance, civil service and the like.
Risk Management It covers life insurance, health insurance and disability insurance techniques. Students are taught the tricks of developing insurance rates. They are also informed about the different kinds of products. They learn to use life insurance as a financial tool. Lessons are imparted on property insurance, casualty insurance and many others.


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