LPL Financial

LPL Financial is a company providing diverse financial services to its clients in the U.S. It is also an independent broker. It was formed in 1989 from the merging of two small scale profit making brokerage firms. They were Linsco and Private Ledger. It aims at simplifying the business management process.

More About LPL Financial
LPL Financial’s novelty lies in that it focuses on client goals. The company is committed to the provision of the best investment options for its clients. From retirees to young investors, everyone has tailor-made investment options from the company. LPL Financial backs up its investment recommendations through intensive and comprehensive market research.

Nothing is left to chance. The entire process is systematic, analytical and well organized. State of the art monitoring strategies and backup plans are also kept in place to meet any risk contingency.

Services Rendered by LPL Financial
LPL Financial, among other things, provides services of independent advisors, services to individual investors, institutional services and services of custom clearing.
Two of them are explained in brief. Firstly, the concept of services to individual investors. Most of the investors want more out of their money. They want it to grow. But nowadays, the financial market structure has become more and more complex. It has also become prone to market fluctuations. With the average life expectancy of individuals increasing, proper asset management has become a necessity.

Herein comes the trained, experienced and competent investment professional, who manages the client’s money efficiently for a fee. He analyzes one’s financial situation and takes note of the client’s financial objectives. Then appropriate strategies are formulated and implemented.

Independent advisory services partner with financial advisors who want to set up independent business ventures. LPL Financial shares its success tips with its clients. They teach how to focus on the customers instead of company logistics.
Contact Details of LPL Financial:
LPL Financial
One Beacon Street,
22nd Floor
Boston, MA 02108

LPL Financial
5 Coliseum Centre
2810 Coliseum Centre Drive
Charlotte, NC 28217

San Diego
LPL Financial
9785 Towne Centre Drive
San Diego, CA 92121

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