How to Find An Independent Financial Advisor

One of the most important question nowadays is how to find an independent financial advisor. There are various ways to do so and various criteria that need to be deliberated properly before coming to a decision. It is normally considered to be prudent to go for a fee based independent financial advisor.

How to Find An Independent Financial Advisor
The question how to find an independent financial advisor has become extremely important in the recent times as the independent financial advisors can be counted upon to provide the most proficient financial services to the clients.

Steps of Finding Independent Financial Advisors
The most basic step of finding an independent financial advisor is to look for the services of an independent financial advisor who charges an affordable fee for his services. At times, the fees charged by an independent financial advisor may be on the expensive side.

However, it is being expected that in the future with the change in the regulations that govern the fee structure of the independent financial advisors, these professionals may either ask for fees or commissions for providing their services.
Before choosing a particular independent financial advisor, it is generally regarded as prudent for the prospective clients to do the rounds of at least three or four independent financial advisors and compare the various aspects of their services and then come to a decision.

Best Way to Find Out Independent Financial Advisors
It has been assumed that the most appropriate way to find out an independent financial advisor is to go by the suggestions of acquaintances. However, before availing the services of that professional, it is necessary for the prospective clients to check out if that individual is registered with the Financial Services Authority (FSA) or not.

There are other financial organizations that may be checked out before any decision is made regarding opting for an independent financial advisor. These organizations are the Institute of Financial Planning and Society of Financial Advisers.

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Last Updated on : 1st August 2013

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