CJM Investment Property Advisors

CJM Investment Property Advisors operates in the real estate sector of the United States of America. It provides advisory and appraisal services to the clients related to the real estate sector. The services of the firm offer accurate real estate valuation and provide information on relevant subjects.

CJM Investment Property Advisors was established in 1988 by Carl J. (Chuck) Munson. The company was established with the name C.J. Munson & Associates, Inc. In 1998, the company was renamed and the present name was selected. CJM Investment Property Advisors is operating with ten highly experienced commercial appraisers who are well experienced in the local markets of Oregon, Northern Idaho and Washington.

The appraisers of CJM Investment Property Advisors are individually experts of different markets. Because of this, the company has enough knowledge about the local trends of different markets.
In addition, the company provides services for a wide range of properties and every individual appraiser is an expert of a particular type of property and this is quite helpful in providing valuable services to the clients.

Another important service that is offered by CJM Investment Property Advisors is about studying the market. This is very important because the success or failure of the investment depends on the type of the property. If the selected property has good potentials of growth, then the investor can make significant profits from the property. Because of this, the firm carries out proper market research to ensure the client’s profit.

The firm offers its services for the following types of properties:
Residential Subdivisions
Office and Retail

The client base of CJM Investment Property Advisors is big enough and at the same time, it is quite diversified.

  • Some major names among the clients are the following:

    • Horizon Bank
    • GE Commercial Finance
    • Wells Fargo
    • Bank of America
    • National Bank of Renton
    • Wachovia Corporation
    • Pace Realty Advisors
    • Prudential Mortgage Capital
    • RBC Builder Finance
    • The Bank of Washington
    • United Security Bank
    • National Bank of Tukwila
    • Bay Mortgage
    • Cascade Mortgage Co.
    • Citigroup Global Markets
    • Deutsche Bank Mortgage Capital
    • Liberty Financial Group

    Contact Details:

        CJM Investment Property Advisors
        10655 NE 4th Street, Suite 204
        Bellevue, WA 98004
        Ph: 425.454.6789
        Toll free 1.877.874.4516
        Fax: 425.454.3234


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