Destiny Financial Solutions

Destiny Financial Solutions is a private company that is operating in the Australian financial sector. The company provides a number of financial solutions to the clients. The company helps the clients develop an appropriate investment portfolio that can provide them financial security.
The company was established in 1994 by a couple, Reuben and Margaret Lomas. They started their work and in the initial stages, the couple was involved in managing their household finance. After getting success in their activities, the couple started offering advices to other people in managing their finances properly and within a short period, they were dealing with a huge number of clients.

The company offered their clients with the methods of debt reduction and effective investment. At present, Destiny Financial Solutions is operating in nearly six Australian states.

Process Followed by Destiny Financial Solutions
The company follows a simple process to provide financial solutions to the clients. Before providing any kind of financial solution to the clients, the company always prefers to have an interactive session with the clients.
In this interactive session, the property advisor assesses the investment capacity of the client, his present financial status and financial goals. After this, an appropriate plan is designed for the client and a written copy is offered to him or her. The plan recommends a definite finance structure needed for the process. The company also provides regular guidance to the client for following the plan.
Services Offered by Destiny Financial Solutions
The company offers a number of services to the clients. The clients are provided with valuable solutions to develop an investment property portfolio in less then 15 years. The company helps the client develop a particular strategy for the purpose. The strategy is restructured according to the changes in the circumstances.

Destiny Financial Solutions arranges several events known as Property Focus Group where a number of factors like high yielding investment areas, risk factors related to the investment and so on are discussed. At the same time, the clients are also provided with the necessary knowledge regarding property search online.

On the other hand, risk management solutions are also discussed in these groups. The company also offers the necessary license and appropriate training to the client to use the Density Track program. This program is very useful in assessing several factors like property cash flow, Density Track program and many more.
Contact Details:
Destiny Financial Solutions

Physical Address:

14/1 Bounty Close
Tuggerah Business Park
Tuggerah, NSW 2259

Postal Address:

P.O. Box 5400
Chittaway Bay, NSW 2261
Ph: (02) 4351 0380
1800 648 640 (Free call within Australia)
Fax: (02) 4351 0379

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