Financial Advisor Jobs

Financial advisor jobs refer to the jobs in the financial sector as financial advisors. Financial advisors are recruited by business organizations and individual clients alike. Jobs as financial advisors are highly lucrative. They demand a high standard of competency and transparency from the incumbent.

More About Financial Advisor Jobs
A financial advisor can work as a freelancer or a self employed person. He can also work for a company. Allowing for minor variations, financial advisor jobs involve comprehension of asset allocation fundamentals and their application. Extensive knowledge of equities, wrap fees, fixed income options, annuities, bonds and mutual funds and a host of other financial instruments is essential here.

It entails the learning of all procedures of operational administration concerning client accounts. Financial advisor jobs involve attracting, servicing and monitoring client assets. Financial advisor jobs also involve learning the tricks of the trade from a senior one in the field. It is kind of an apprentice learning.

Desirable Qualities of a Financial Advisor
Finance is a complex and vast field. So, in order to become a good financial advisor, one needs to have a strong desire to learn and excel. One needs to constantly update oneself about the current market trends.
Financial advisor jobs require a gift of the gab. Communication skills need to be pretty good. One should also have strong analytical powers and an ability to convince others. For getting a financial advisor job, the incumbent needs to have a 4 year undergraduate degree under his belt. Knowledge of management techniques, accounting, economics, statistical tools and the like is essential for a financial advisor.
Organizations Providing Financial Advisor Jobs
Here, an attempt has been made to provide a rather concise list of the top recruiters. There are companies like Edward Jones, UBS Financial Services, Inc., JPMorgan Chase, Raymond James, Wachovia, AIG, Citigroup, Bank of America, Ameriprise Financial, Merrill Lynch, Deloitte, Countrywide Financial and the like. It is noted here that financial advisor jobs are available throughout the length and breadth of the globe. Financial advisor jobs can be full time or part time in nature. They can also be contractual, temporary or in the internship category.
Financial advisor jobs are highflying and rewarding jobs. Good money and challenges come hand in hand here. Here, one uses one’s inherent and acquired abilities to positively impact on other lives. But it is a highly demanding job profile. The best and the dedicated need to venture out here.

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Last Updated on : 1st August 2013

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