American Express Personal Finance

American Express (AMEX) was incorporated in 1850. American Express stands as one of the leading financial services and insurance companies in the world. The company offers a comprehensive range of personal finance products and is famous for its charge card, credit cards, and traveler’s cheques.
American Express is thought to be one of the more efficient means to managing personal finance.

Some financial services offered by American Express personal finance include:
The American Express Gold credit card. The Gold Card allows monthly payments at low interest rates. A credit limit increase of up to 25% is available. Other options available with this card are the Membership Rewards Program and the Cash Back Program. Facilities available include travel service, balance transfer service, and premium benefits. Specific personalized services are also available.
The RPM credit card. The RPM card, among other services, facilitates savings, as well as offering liquidity for expenses incurred. The benefits include saving 10% on fuel and the cardholder may also use 50% of the bonus points towards total expenses incurred. Payment can be made at the convenience of the cardholder.
The American Express E credit card
The Express E card offers a wide range of services, including automatic payment, free for life option, paperless statements, on line fraud guarantee, and online customer service.

There are a wide range of country specific American Express credit cards in addition to those above.
Savings accounts Savings account services available include free ATM cards, free phone banking system, home banking facility, free quarterly financial statements, availability of demand drafts at inexpensive rates and free personalized checkbooks.
Term deposits: For long-term deposits, American Express personal finance provides competitive interest rates. Without impacting the interest rates on the remainder of the deposit, the customer is able to withdrawal a portion of his or her term deposit for free.


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