Personal Finance Company

A personal finance company is a financial services provider which functions as a mediator offering personal finance services to its customers.Reputed personal finance companies, for example, HSBC, Tesco, Merrill Lynch, Prudential, GE Money, and American Express facilitate individuals to increase and safeguard their investment in the long run.

Personal finance company offers the following services:
Life insurance: A life insurance plan is an excellent way for future savings. Personal finance companies offer a comprehensive range of life insurance products. They are:
Term life insurance
Permanent life insurance
Universal life insurance
Variable life insurance
Survivorship life insurance

Whole Life Insurance: The principal advantage of whole life insurance is that the insured person is able to know the amount of yearly premium. In accordance with this, that particular individual is able to gather the non-guaranteed deferred cash value.

Long term care insurance: Long-term care is normally quite expensive. By purchasing long term care insurance, long term care becomes quite affordable.

Annuities: Usually, four types of annuities are available. Individuals chose them in accordance to their own necessities.

Fixed annuities
Variable annuities
Modified guaranteed annuities
Immediate income annuities

Investments: Personal finance company offers unbiased and suitable investment advices, by the help of which both short-term and long-term financial objectives can be attained. The mutual fund can be a profitable investment option. It is better to take advices from a financial expert who has considerable experience in investments.

Before going to invest, educational programs can really be helpful. Following are few examples of investment educational programs.

Managed Money: To balance a portfolio which is not evenly balanced, the Managed Money Program is quite helpful. The Money Management Program deals with risk tolerance, overall portfolio strategy, and long-term objectives.

Retirement accounts: Personal finance company provides professional investment advices in order to ensure safe and profitable retirement plans. Online personal finance tools are also helpful in effective management of retirement plan accounts.

Real Estate: Personal finance company offers valuable advices for buying and selling of real estate through a number of personal finance experts. With the help of personal finance companies, it is easy to find an appropriate home.


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