CORE Financial Advisors, Inc.

CORE Financial Advisors, Inc. is a fee-based professional financial advisory firm that is providing services in the United States. The firm offers a wide array of services to different types of clients including individuals, businesses and corporate executives.
Headquartered at Alpharetta, Georgia, CORE Financial Advisors, Inc. is a major name in the American financial services sector. The company was established by Stephen E. Capizzi and at present, he is the managing principal of the organization.

He has huge experience about almost every kind of transaction related to the business sector and business valuation. All these knowledge and experience are quite helpful for the company to design several profitable investment plans for the clients.

CORE Financial Advisors, Inc. offers services under three broad categories created according to the client’s needs. CORE Financial Advisors, Inc. helps their clients to materialize their dreams of a sound financial status.
The fee-based professional advisory services are meant to help the clients in setting their financial objectives and achieving those objectives through proper financial planning and professional investment management services.
Services Provided by CORE Financial Advisors, Inc.
The company has different types of clients and each of them has different types of needs. CORE Financial Advisors, Inc. has a number of plans to meet these needs. According to the type of client, the services are divided in three major categories. These are the services for individuals and families, for corporate executives and for the business owners.

Some of the services are the following:

Services that are designed for the individuals are meant to provide the clients with easy solutions to achieve their financial goals through proper strategies. These services consider factors like retirement, IRA, diversification of the investment portfolio and so on with due importance. On the other hand, the services meant for the business owners are provided for increasing the value of the business, hedging risks, tax saving and many more. The corporate clients are provided with services like retirement distribution planning, investment management services and so on.

Some Important Services of CORE Financial Advisors, Inc.
Cash Flow Analysis
Executive Coaching
Investment Management
Retirement Planning
Elder Care Issues
Estate Planning
College Funding Solutions
Mortgage Search Services
Risk Management
Executive Compensation Strategies
Charitable Gifting Strategies
Stock Option Planning
Services To Sell a Business
Business Lending
Children’s Education Planning
Debt Counseling
Life Plan Coaching

Contact Details:
CORE Financial Advisors, Inc.
3700 Mansell Road, Suite 220
Alpharetta, Georgia 30022
Phone: 770.625.5050
Fax: 770.625.5051

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