Personal Credit Finance

Personal credit refers to the receipt of a loan by an individual and personal credit finance indicates to the financing process of such credit. Personal credit finance has a lot of impact on personal debt consolidation. Personal credit finance depends on the credit rating or creditworthiness of a particular individual.
An individual uses his credit scores for securing a loan or personal finance. Thus, personal credit finance requires that the lender has a clear idea about the credit history of a particular individual. The lender should also gather information regarding the salary and employment for assessing the creditworthiness of a particular individual.

How to obtain personal credit finance
For securing personal credit finance from a bank or financial institution, a person has to make an application. Whether this application will be sanctioned or not is entirely dependent on the creditworthiness of that person.

As that person becomes eligible for receiving personal credit, he is offered a personal credit instrument with the help of which personal credit finance is available. Normally, this is done by a credit card.
Financial statements are provided to the credit card holder at regular intervals. These statements carry information about the commodities purchased, interest charged, minimum amount due for payment, and the due date for payment.

Personal credit financing results in creation of debt.

How personal credit finance works

After the issuance of the credit card, the credit card holder is able to finance his personal credit through buying from traders who accept credit card. However, the purchase amount is limited to a credit limit, which is preset or prefixed.

The trader uses the electronic verification system to verify whether the credit card is valid or not.
The credit car issuer charges interest every month regardless if anything has been bought or not.
For building up good personal credit, the following steps prove to be helpful:

  • Timely payment of bills
  • The number of credit cards should be limited
  • Prioritizing the payments


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